2015 Seniors

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Here’s some of my favorite images from the class of 2015IMG_6151_4x6 IMG_6164_4x6 IMG_8865_4x6sunflare copy IMG_8840_4x6bw copy IMG_9043_4x6 copy IMG_9455_4x6crop copy IMG_6754_4x6 IMG_6830_4x6 IMG_9729_4x6 IMG_8556_4x6 IMG_8652_4x6 IMG_8887_4x6 IMG_7164_4x6 copy IMG_6501_4x6 copy IMG_6542_4x6 copyIMG_7635_4x6 copy IMG_7786_4x6 copy IMG_7297_4x6 copy IMG_7341_4x6 copy IMG_6866_4x6 copy IMG_9664_4x6 copy IMG_7856_4x6 copy (2) IMG_7899_4x6 crop copy (2) IMG_9832_4x6 copy IMG_9892_4x6 crop IMG_5092_4x6 copy IMG_5244_4x6crop copy IMG_9920_4x6 redo copy IMG_9865_4x6 copy IMG_5282_4x6 copy IMG_5437_4x6 copy IMG_4997_4x6 (2) IMG_9225_4x6 copy IMG_5868_4x6 copy IMG_5901_4x6 copy IMG_8858_4x6 copy IMG_8976_4x6 copy IMG_9520_4x6 copy IMG_9590_4x6bw copy IMG_8997_4x6 copy IMG_9363_4x6 copy IMG_8342_4x6 copy IMG_8482_4x6 copy IMG_6669_4x6 copy IMG_6628_4x6 copy IMG_7456_4x6 copy IMG_7475_4x6 copy


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