Lita–senior pictures

January 4, 2014 at 6:36 pm Leave a comment

IMG_0519_4x6proof IMG_0526_4x6vintage40%proof IMG_0526_4x6proof IMG_0527_4x6proof IMG_0527_4x6timelessbwproof IMG_0531_4x6proof IMG_0540_4x6proof IMG_0543_4x6proof IMG_0548_4x6proof IMG_9787_4x6proof IMG_9794_4x6proof IMG_9795_4x6proof IMG_9800_4x6proof IMG_9803_4x6proof IMG_9803_4x6seadelightproof IMG_9813_4x6proof IMG_9818_4x6proof IMG_9825_4x6proof IMG_9827_4x6proof IMG_9827_4x6seavintageproof IMG_9829_4x6proof IMG_9836_4x6proof IMG_9851_4x6proof IMG_9855_4x6proof IMG_9862_4x6proof IMG_9864_4x6proof IMG_9868_4x6proof IMG_9873_4x6proof IMG_9879_4x6proof IMG_9882_4x6proof IMG_9897_4x6proof IMG_9908_4x6proof IMG_9910_4x6proof

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2014 seniors

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